About Us

Beytas Restaurant

Our Social Facilities, which serve in the unique spots of Istanbul with an insatiable view, serve our people with the assurance of Beykoz Municipality. Our social facilities, where our people can spend time as a family, relax and find peace every day of the week, offer the most outstanding tastes of Turkish cuisine at affordable prices with first class service and service quality. Our Social Facilities, which operate without sacrificing taste, hygiene and quality, are at your service at 5 Points of Beykoz.

By adopting the understanding of “producing services based on social responsibility”, which is the most important principle of the local government approach, we provide services by taking into account the needs of the people of Beykoz for calm, clean and high quality places by getting rid of the density of the city. In our social facilities, where we open our doors with the “Best – Top Quality – Most Economical” service approach; We work with expert staff and service quality at international standards. 

Our social facilities, which “enjoy” every hour of the day, also serve for your special days and organizations, weddings and dinner meetings.

Yalcin COlak

Beytas General Manager